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» Iñaki Permanyer Ugartemendia

Iñaki Permanyer Ugartemendia
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Formació acadèmica:
- Doctor en Demografia, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (2007)
- Llicenciat en Matemàtiques (UPC)

Investigacions en curs:

  • Inclusive Growth Infrastructure Distribution (INGRID) | Ampliar informació
  • Inmigración internacional y familia en España: trayectorias de pareja en perspectiva transnacional | Ampliar informació
  • Towards a Unified Analysis of World Population: Family Patterns in Multilevel Perspective. | Ampliar informació

Treballs seleccionats:

Publications in peer reviewed journals

- "Assessing individuals' deprivation in a multidimensional framework", Journal of Development Economics 109:1-16.

- "Human Development Index-like Small Area Estimates for Africa computed from IPUMS-international census microdata" (joint with Joan Garcia, Albert Esteve and Robert McCaa), forthcoming in the Journal of Human Development and Capabilities.

- "A Geography of Unmarried Cohabitation in the Americas" (joint with Lopez, A., Kennedy, S., Lesthaeghe, R., Laplante, B., Turu, A. and Esteve, A.), forthcoming in Demographic Research.

-"The impact of educational homogamy on isolated illiteracy levels" (joint with Albert Esteve and Joan García), Demography 50(6):2209-2225.

- "Using census data to explore the spatial distribution of human development", World Development 46:1 -13.

- "The measurement of success in Millennium Development Goals achievement", Journal of Economic Inequality 11:393-415.

-"The gender gap reversal in education and its impact on union formation: The end of hypergamy?" (joint with Albert Esteve and Joan Garcia), Population and Development Review 38(3):535-546.

-“A critical assessment of UNDP’s Gender Inequality Index”, Feminist Economics 19(2):1-32.

-“Measuring social polarization with ordinal and categorical data” (joint with Conchita d’Ambrosio), forthcoming in the Journal of Public Economic Theory.

- "Are UNDP indices appropriate to capture gender inequalities in Europe?", Social Indicators Research 110(3): 927-950.

 - “Uncertainty and Robustness in Composite Indices Rankings”, Oxford Economic Papers 64(1):57-79.


- “Assessing the Robustness of Composite Indices Rankings”, Review of Income and Wealth, 57(2):306-326.


- “The Conceptualization and Measurement of Social Polarization”, Journal of Economic Inequality 10(1):45-74.


-“The measurement of socio-economic gender inequality revisited”, Development and Change, 41(3): 375-399, May 2010 (joint with Lourdes Benería).


- “The Measurement of Multidimensional Gender Inequality: Continuing the Debate”, Social Indicators Research, 95(2): 181-198. January 2010.

 -Gender equality, human development and demographic trends: are they (jointly) evolving in the right direction?” (joint with Montse Solsona), 2009, African Population Studies, Vol. 23 (Supp.):45-60.

- “Ranking profiles of capability sets”, 2008, Social Choice and Welfare 31:521-535 (joint with Rebeca Echávarri).


-“On the Measurement of Gender Equality and Gender-related Development Levels”, Journal of Human Development, 9(1):87 - 108.  March 2008.

Book chapters

-"Theoretical approaches to the measurement of income and social polarization", forthcoming in D'Ambrosio, C. (ed.) Handbook of Research on Economic and Social Well-being, Edward Elgar Publishing Limited.

Research in Progress

-"Why calling it 'equality' when it should be 'efficiency'? A critical review of the EU Gender Equality Index and a constructive proposal", submitted to the Journal of European Social Policy.

- "European sub-replacement fertility: trapped or recovering?" (joint with Ron Lesthaeghe), submitted mansucript.

- "Measuring achievement and shortfall improvements in a consistent way", revise and resubmit to the Review of Income and Wealth.

-"The measurement of mobility in human development". Submitted Manuscript.


-“Are step families’ couples more egalitarian? Gender gap in labor market participation in a cross national perspective”, joint with Jordi Gumà and Rocio Treviño.


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